About Us


The Noise Abatement Society has over sixty years experience of working to mitigate environmental noise. Protecting homes and work places from harmful noise continues to be the remit of our everyday work as we strive for safer and sustainable soundscapes to improve prospects and enhance our quality of life.

The NAS was founded in 1959 to address the issue of noise nuisance and tackle the lack of legislation to deal with it. Founder John Connell OBE was a pragmatist and visionary who recognised that excessive noise was detrimental to productivity, health, learning and general wellbeing.

Connell termed noise as ‘the forgotten pollutant’. Determined to make ‘provisions in respect of the control of noise and vibration with a view to their abatement’ he tirelessly lobbied legislation through Parliament. In 1960 the Noise Abatement Act was passed making noise a statutory nuisance for the first time in history.

Over sixty years on, the NAS’s work adheres to much the same dictum. Responding to public concerns about noise the Society continues to lobby Government, engage with industry and lead research to enable changes in regulation, responsible practice and promote the benefits of sound management.





To shape soundscape for healthy lives and productive work


Partnerships, Programmes




To CREATE, promote and encourage statutory authorities and all other interested parties, including manufacturers, logistics suppliers, public and voluntary sector representatives, and representatives from all relevant professions and professional bodies, to engage in the furtherance of noise mitigation and soundscape management.


Standard Setting, Scientific Research, Policy Discussions


To STIMULATE and lobby policy makers and standard setters, industry and organizations, stakeholders and residents for the progression of healthy soundscapes. To stimulate innovation, research and development, education programmes to consider sound as a central element of product and urban design


Publications, Conferences, Exhibitions, Awards


To COMMUNICATE, educate and provide information to the public, in all forms and through various media outlets and channels, publications, reports and speaking engagements. Communicating new theories and test results is a crucial part of the NAS’s work. In order for progress to continue in the field of soundscape and noise management, papers, outcomes and latest research needs to be circulated and communicated to all stakeholders. NAS recognizes best practice in Local Authorities, industry, technology and community with the John Connell Awards which take place yearly in November at the Palace of Westminster, London. It also produces an online ezine, Soundscape, which reports on developments in the noise control, interviews leading minds and outlines successful programmes across the world. The NAS leads workshops and conferences with international scientists and practitioners to encourage active discussion, knowledge-sharing and real-world test sites to be analysed and contextualised.


Practical Solutions, Best practices guidelines, Viable trial sites, Evidence research

Our OUTCOMES, immediate, intermediate and long-term are assessed in terms of practical solutions, best practice guidelines and viable trial cases. Some of our programmes take years to achieve our target outcome. Lowering ambient noise along busy urban roads for example cannot be achieved without significant investment and design, and the application of soundscape principles. However, the intermediate outcomes are significant and milestones in their own right. There are observable changes in noise complaints when acoustic insulation is installed and sound panels can make real change to the way that children concentrate and interact at school. The outcome is not necessarily a reduction of ambient noise but a marked transformation in the distraction the noise is causing. The longer term outcomes are wide spread adoption of acoustically designed schools and residential buildings with areas for rest and work well insulated and designated on quieter sides of edifices.


New Standards, Updated Legislations, Sustainable Solutions, Social Value


Our LEGACY is what matters most to the NAS. The new standards which are fit for purpose; updated legislation which protects stakeholders; sustainable solutions with multi-variegated approach which can be easily adapted; and social value which is reaped by all members of society over a sustained length of time. Our legacy in action includes how our Sound Approach programme has impacted society with quiet night time deliveries in the UK, Holland and as far away as New York City, where our trials and reports have directly influenced the adoption of our Quiet Delivery guidelines. Other such recognition of our programmes’ effectiveness include the adoption of Quiet Mark awards in Australia and China, and international students from as far away as Korea embracing our Sound Quality Approach programme, and travelling to the UK to see the principles in action in Brighton.