John Connell Awards 2022

The John Connell Awards 2022 took place at the Palace of Westminster on the evening of 19th October 2022, kindly hosted by Sir Peter Bottomley, Member of Parliament for Worthing West. The awards were presented by David Hill, Director-General Environment, Rural & Marine, Defra.

The John Connell Awards are open to government, local government, industry, organisations and individuals throughout the UK and Europe. The awards recognise innovative services, campaigns, products and programmes that are shining examples of community co-operation, education and creative solutions to solve noise pollution problems and improve soundscapes. For the 2022 Awards, projects which had been carried out during the past 48 months were eligible. Planning and works may had commenced prior to this period, and the positive results may have been ongoing.

John Connell Award Winners 2022
John Connell Award Winners 2022

‘The Noise Oscars’

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John Connell Award Winners 2022