The John Connell Awards 2024 will take place at the Palace of Westminster on the evening of 16th October 2024, kindly sponsored by The Lord Balfe.

The John Connell Awards are open to government, local government, industry, organisations and individuals throughout the UK and Europe. The awards recognise innovative services, campaigns, products and programmes that are shining examples of community co-operation, education and creative solutions to solve noise pollution problems and improve soundscapes.



Call for entries to the John Connell Awards 2024 are now open.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend the John Connell Awards on 16th October 2024 at the Palace of Westminster when the winner and highly commended runners up will receive their trophies.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 9th 2024.

To enter please email:

John Connell Awards 2024 is kindly sponsored by:

Local Authority Environmental Health Practitioners enforce noise law and are at the front line dealing with the complex challenges of neighbourhood noise. This award, kindly sponsored by Rockwool, recognises services and projects that are shining examples of co-operation, and creative solutions to solve noise problems within the community.

The IOA Secondary Schools’ Competition is now an annual event which encourages young people to explore the wonderful world of acoustics. For more information please see:

This award recognises the advancement of soundscape principles in line with the ISO soundscape standards and their practical ‘real world’ applications.


This award, kindly sponsored by the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and ANV Measurement Systems, recognises self-motivated individuals who have made impressive progress or an outstanding contribution within the first five years of their career within acoustics.

This award, kindly sponsored by Brigade, salutes significant advances in industry best practice to minimise noise from operations and logistics by developing proven noise reduction initiatives.


Innovation is the key to solving noise pollution for the benefit of all. This award, kindly sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics, recognises original thinking, products and solutions when faced with particularly challenging acoustic issues.


This award, kindly sponsored by Rolltek International Ltd, recognises advances in low noise technology in the logistics industry to facilitate quieter delivery and services especially in urban areas.


The Quiet Mark Commercial Award recognises companies who have been highly inventive in the marketing of their Quiet Mark product to support health and wellbeing.

The Quiet Mark Built Environment Award recognises significant advances in acoustic excellence within the built environment.


The Quiet Mark Industry Award, kindly sponsored by S&P UK Ventilation Systems, recognises a new or enhanced product or solution demonstrating significant low-noise technological advancement or a manufacturer who has demonstrated a history of sustained innovation across product lines to resolve noise pollution problems.

For more information about the John Connell Awards:

John Connell Award Winners 2023


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